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Symptoms of early stage Lung Cancer and treatment

Use-Health - Symptoms of early stage Lung Cancer and treatment - The lung is one of the organs that have the most important role in the body. Lung function as a tool for Human breathing. At the time of breathing, oxygen is diffused into the blood stream then carbon dioxide issued at the time the sigh. However, unlike when exposed to disease lung cancer then the organs cannot function properly so as to interfere with daily activities.
Symptoms of early stage Lung Cancer and treatment

Lung Cancer is a condition in which cells grow uncontrollably in the lungs (an organ that serves to spread the oxygen into the blood when inhale exhale carbon dioxide and expel the moment sigh). Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer occurring.

Lung Cancer is one of the most types of cancer can be prevented. This condition mostly suffered by active and passive smokers. In the early stages, with no signs or symptoms of lung cancer are obvious. But then the symptoms such as coughing continued to experience coughing blood, always feel out of breath, fatigue without reason, and weight loss will appear.

If the cancer is still at the early stage, there are likely to be cured, therefore, we need to know the symptoms of lung cancer in particular from the stadium early. However, if the cancer has reached the level of the final stage will be difficult to treat let alone healed. The following is the exposure to lung cancer symptoms of early stage:

  • Cough : It is one of the symptoms of lung cancer. These symptoms do look ordinary experienced by each person. However, the cough due to the presence of lung disease will be different from ordinary cough. Experienced cough due to lung cancer disease usually lasts a long time and is difficult to heal.
  • Bloody cough : Bloody Cough be affected early symptoms of lung cancer. Coughing bloody dangerous, then it is required to do handling incentive to prevent the onset of other symptoms of lung cancer.
  • Shortness of breath : If at the time of breathing feels claustrophobic, then there is a possibility of developing cancer of the lungs. It is also a symptom of lung cancer is early stage.
  • Decrease weight : Decrease in weight dramatically could have been inflicted due to lung cancer in the body. Required intake of the nutrients in the body enough to return the weight became normal.
  • Fever : Need to look out for if fever experienced difficult cured. It could just be one of the symptoms of lung cancer.
  • Mace on the fingernail : Mace is a situation where finger nail looks distended. This is indicative of lung cancer cells that spread on the finger nail and an early symptom of lung cancer.
  • Easily Tired : If the activity light tubu but have started to feel tired. It may just be an early symptom of lung cancer. Immediately check on surgeons to avoid unwanted things.
  • Chest pain : If the chest suddenly feels pain or pain there is a possibility that an early symptom of lung cancer. Do further examination to get the handling of doctors to cope with the symptoms.
  • Bone pain : Bone pain is also one of the early symptoms of lung cancer. This is because cancer cells have started to spread on other organs.
  • Superior vena cava obstruction : a situation where blood vessel dilation occurs so that the blood can carry the body up to the heart. This needs to be wary because it became one of the symptoms of lung cancer early stage.

Handling can be done can be either prevention early on with keeping healthy Life patterns or do an intensive treatment and periodically, either in the form of herbal or medical treatment.

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Symptoms of early stage Lung Cancer and treatment
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