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The Easy Way To Prevent And Treat Influenza

Use-Health - Flu or influenza is a virus infection that attacks the respiratory system (a system that consists of the nose, throat, and lungs). Flu symptoms commonly felt among them are fever, headaches, coughing, Achy, decreased appetite, and sore throat.
The Easy Way To Prevent And Treat Influenza

Although the flu is usually within 1 week will heal by itself, but You never consider trivializing a disease, including the flu. The flu is easy to attack, but not necessarily easy for flu cured. The flu can be one of the indicators that it will unbalance the body and other health disorders occur.

Causes of Flu

The flu is caused by influenza viruses that can be transmitted either directly or indirectly. One example of direct transmission is when we accidentally inhaling airborne saliva droplets emitted by flu sufferers through sneezing or coughing. Other examples of direct transmission is when we be shaken with flu sufferers after their hands holding the mouth or nose.

Indirect transmission generally is mediated by objects that have been contaminated by the virus. We can get the flu-infected when holding surface object that has been previously exposed to a spark of salivary granules sufferers. Flu viruses can survive on surfaces for one day. Examples of objects that are often a medium for transmission of the flu virus is a doorknob, telephone, or computer keyboard.

Flu Treatment

The flu usually does not need to be addressed by a doctor. You can treat these conditions yourself at home. Treatment of simple steps that you can do in between is enough rest, eating fruits and vegetables, as well as keeping the body temperature remains normal.

A lot of Drinking of Mineral water is an important step so that we avoid dehydration which is one of the complications of flu. When you are having the flu and dehydration, the body will lose the sugar, salt, and liquids. You can try drinking a liquid containing sugar and ion to restore fluid balance in the body.

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In addition to standalone handling steps above, you can also consume drugs sold free on the market when needed, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Both these drugs can reduce fever and alleviate Achy. You are not allowed to consume antibiotics because these drugs only serves to kill bacteria, not kill viruses as the cause of the flu.

Prevention Of Flu

Some steps that we can do to prevent flu transmission are:

  • Keep clean.
  • Always wash hands before eating, for example, or after traveling.
  • Shut the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.
  • Wear a mask while traveling (especially for users vehicles) or when in the vicinity of flu sufferers.
  • Ensure your body receives the vitamins and nutrients intake secaracukup and balanced.
  • Enough rest.
  • Exercise on a regular basis.
  • Keep your intake of liquids.
So should start from now keep cleanliness and Use-Health masks when stricken with flu in order not to spread into the air.

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The Easy Way To Prevent And Treat Influenza
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