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Symptoms of Hypertension or high blood and its treatment

Use-Health - Before discussing about the Symptoms of Hypertension or high blood and its treatment you should know in advance about hypertension.
Symptoms of Hypertension or high blood and its treatment

What is Hypertension (high blood)?

Hypertension or high blood pressure you may know is a chronic condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries (the blood vessels clean) increase. This condition is known as "killer quietly" because rarely have symptoms that are obvious. The only way to find out whether you have hypertension is by measuring blood pressure.

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If you have not reviewed and do not know your blood pressure, ask the doctor to check it out. All adults should check their blood pressure at least every five years.

The Risk Of Severe Hypertension

Causes of hypertension has not been ascertained in more than 90 percent of cases. As you get older, your chance to suffer hypertension will also increase. The following are factors which can affect the trigger of an increased risk of hypertension.

  • Age above 65 years.
  • Eating a lot of salt.
  • Excess weight.
  • Have a family with hypertension.
  • Eat less fruit and vegetables.
  • Rarely work out.
  • Drinking too much coffee (or other beverages that contain caffeine).
  • Too much consuming liquor.
The risk of severe hypertension may be reduced by changing things over and apply a more healthy lifestyle. Examination of blood pressure regularly can also help the diagnosis at an early stage. Hypertension diagnosis as early as possible will improve the possibilities for lowering blood pressure to normal levels. This can be done by changing your lifestyle to become more healthy without taking any medication.

Treatment Of Hypertension

Changes in lifestyle and consumption of drugs for anti-hypertension can be an effective step to lower hypertension. High blood pressure and the risk of the patient to undergo cardiovascular disease (such as heart attack and stroke) will determine the type of treatment that will be traveled. Examples of conditions that may be a consideration in the treatment include:

  • If your blood pressure is very high (160/100 mmHg or higher), treatment should be done as soon as possible.
  • If your blood pressure reach 140/90 mmHg or more and you have assessed the risk of cardiovascular disease in a period of 10 years, you need to mengonsumi drugs and change of lifestyle to be more healthy.
  • If your blood pressure is slightly higher than 130/80 mmHg and have a low risk of cardiovascular disease, you could lower blood pressure simply by changing your lifestyle.
Lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure can be seen the impact in a few weeks. This step can be done in ways as simple as:

  • Eating a healthy, low-fat foods, and balanced. For example, red rice, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Reducing salt consumption to less than one teaspoon per day.
  • Active exercise. Physically active are the most important things you can do to prevent or control hypertension.
  • Lose weight.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking will increase your chances of suffering from heart disease and emphysema.
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of liquor.
  • Reduce your consumption of caffeine-rich drinks, such as coffee, tea, or cola.
  • Do relaxation therapy, such as yoga or meditation to control stress.
The high discipline in implementing healthy lifestyle will provide significant positive impact on your blood pressure. Some sufferers need not even be taking any medication because it successfully implement lifestyle changes to normalize blood pressure.

So should now Keep your health starting from now to avoid diseases of Hypertension or high blood Yes. That's Symptoms of Hypertension or high blood and its treatment Our share. So please use-health your by exercising.

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Symptoms of Hypertension or high blood and its treatment
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